Irises - Wall Art

"......Outstandingly beautiful without a doubt...lovely petals gracefully remind me of a stationary fountain forever spraying. Central petals reach toward the sky emulating slightly cupped praying hands. Lower petals curve downward elegantly like a soft and calming overflow. Appearing in an array of cloaking colors, yellow and purple primarily... pale to darker shades. Often brushed with delicate strokes of white... elevated on sturdy stems of firm strength with blade green leaves of stretching length. Their delicate form expresses tranquility... attentive focus brings refinement into view. Delicately ruffled edges define it's royal status. A translucent glow intensifies spectacular beauty bestowing visual pleasure to all who witness. Such loveliness beckons throughout the day with an unspeakable rapture of radiance. Nothing can compare or imitate..." From the poem Irises by Theresa Ann Moore. If an image has the FAA watermark in the lower right hand corner it will NOT appear on any print you purchase.

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